Best Wi-Fi File Transfer Apps For Android

We are going to share the best free Android file transfer apps. With the help of these apps, you can easily transfer files from your Android smartphone to another or even in PC. Without using inbuilt characteristics like Bluetooth and Nfc etc, you can transmit files to any other Android device with very accelerated speed supervising these apps. So in this post, I will tell you the Best Android File Transfer Apps.

1) Shareit

ShareIt is one of the best WiFi transfer apps for your Android smartphone and the purpose it has been put on the top of a list because of its reliable and user-friendly Interface. Using ShareIt for file transfer from Android to Android over WiFi is quite easy. Here’s a brief tutorial on what else this app can do.

2 Xender for Android

Xender is another app for WiFi file transfer, but it’s even one step ahead than ShareIt. Unlike ShareIt which is for transferring files between one sender/one receiver, Xender enables even group transfer! i.e one sender and multiple receivers. Using Xender too doesn’t require an Internet connection.

#3 Zapya

There are some contenders like xender which was fighting for the third spot, but I eventually went to Zapya, because of characteristic as well as due to the fact that other app’s have annoying ads. Zapya is super easy to use and supports multiple languages! File transfers have never been simpler!

4 SuperBeam

SuperBeam is another example of a file transfer app with an intuitive interface. It also has the standard features mentioned in the previous apps. One of its best features is the methods it uses to pair your Android phone or tablet to your computer. SuperBeam lets you pair devices via NFC or QR codes, so there’s no need to do a lot of clicks and manual sharing of keys.

5 WiFi File Transfer

This is one of the most downloaded apps in its category. WiFi File Transfer allows you to upload and download files to and from your phone/tablet and computer through an easy-to-use web interface. That interface also lets you delete, copy, rename, zip or unzip files quickly. You can upload entire folders if you use the Google Chrome browser.

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